Clinical Supervision

Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners Approved Clinical Supervision

Achieve Counseling & Wellness is proud to offer high quality clinical supervision services to help support and develop the behavioral and mental health counseling workforce. We are committed to helping associate licensed behavioral and mental health counselors learn advanced skills and obtain their independent licenses. We utilize an integrative model of clinical supervision that combines strength based, person centered, developmental, culturally sensitive, and competency driven models of supervision. We strive to help each supervisee grow to become exceedingly competent, ethical, genuine, authentic, and successful behavioral and mental health counselors. Our clinical supervision services are conveniently provided online via HIPAA compliant video conferencing and in-person at our office located in Phoenix, Arizona. Contact us to schedule a clinical supervision consultation.

Achieve Counseling & Wellness - Clinical supervision services online and at our Phoenix, Arizona office.

Achieve Counseling & Wellness - Clinical supervision services online and at our Phoenix, Arizona office.


Dr. Jennifer Burruel

 Dr. Burruel is committed to developing and supporting counselors so they can move forward in becoming team leaders and supervisors, as well as obtain their independent licenses. Her extensive research background and passion for upholding ethical principles allows for patients to receive the best care possible. Dr. Burruel guided me through my years as a new counselor and supported me as I grew to take on leadership roles. Her supervision supported me immensely and challenged me to think critically with complex cases. She has the ability to deliver feedback in both a forthright and compassionate way. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I had to receive Dr. Burruel's supervision and continued guidance during my career.   

You rock!


Dr. Jennifer Burruel

Dr. Burruel is a supportive, knowledgeable, and skilled supervisor. Dr. Burruel provided me support when I was in challenging situations, lacked understanding as a new professional, and helped me to see many ways to care for clients. Dr. Burruel's compassion provided me support when I doubted myself, and encouragement as I started my own journey as a counselor. Dr. Burruel's insatiable desire to do research and her ability to use that knowledge helped me through many ethical challenges. Dr. Burruel uses her skills to care for clients and masterfully provide direct supportive feedback. Dr. Burruel is skillful in helping one to understand weaknesses and create plans for filling skill gaps ensuring clients are cared for and supervisees become excellent professionals. I consider myself lucky to have had such an excellent and professional supervisor as I started my own counseling career journey. 

Thank you for your excellent service! 


Dr. Jennifer Burruel

I had the opportunity to experience clinical supervision under Dr. Burruel while in my practicum and internship for my Masters program. With her extensive experience in the field, Dr. Burruel guided me to learn essential skills that would serve me as a counselor such as differential diagnosis and how to make sound ethical and clinical decisions for patients. Dr. Burruel is truly an asset to the field of counseling. She cares deeply for our field and, therefore, cares deeply about helping future counselors use their own individual strengths to grow into competent clinicians who care deeply as well. Her passion and attention to detail are contagious. Dr. Burruel took the time to discuss each of my cases in depth and also helped me to come to understand my own style as a counselor. Her commitment to upholding ethics is one of the top reasons I would highly recommend her as a supervisor as well as her ability to teach critical thinking skills that will serve the supervisee in their ongoing career. She is very constructive in her feedback, while also being strengths based, which I found to be extremely helpful.  I always felt comfortable going to her and she fostered an environment for learning and growth.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to work under her as I can honestly say her guidance has made me a stronger counselor. The skills she passes down to her supervisees are of the highest standard. 


Dr. Jennifer Burruel

Dr. Burruel's passion for counseling truly shines in her desire to inspire the growth of new clinicians through clinical supervision. Over the course of the years I had the pleasure of being supervised by her, Dr. Burruel encouraged me to think critically, view each client through a multicultural lens, and explore new techniques. Dr. Burruel's guidance and encouragement helped me learn to be confident in my competence and overcome my own anxieties as a new counselor. I would recommend Dr. Burruel to any clinician seeking supervision, as her compassion and competency are unmatched and will undoubtedly assist any clinician in reaching their best clinical self. Thank you, Dr. Burruel, for the many hours you have spent guiding and supporting me on my journey through associate level licensure. Most importantly, thank you for believing in me and always encouraging my growth and the growth of the field we love. You are truly an inspiration.