Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

We are accepting new clients and continue to offer online telehealth and limited in-office psychotherapy services. See Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Plan below for important information.  

Several health insurance plans include telehealth services as a standard covered benefit, and due to the COVID-19 state of emergency, many have implemented cost-saving measures for telehealth services. Additionally, Governor Ducey's Executive Order 2020-15, "Expansion of Telemedicine," ordered all health insurance plans regulated by the Arizona Department of Insurance provide coverage for all healthcare services provided through telehealth if the service would be covered through an in-person visit. For more information on telehealth insurance coverage, and to stay up to date on the latest government issued Coronavirus information, see COVID-19 Resources below. 

If you are in need of support, please contact us to see how we can help.  

~ The Achieve Team

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Plan