Low-Cost Intern : Individual, Couples, and Family Psychotherapy

Counseling Intern: Reduced Self-Pay 

55-Minute Sessions (In-Office & Telehealth)

Self-Pay       $50.00                 

Counseling Intern: Reduced Sliding Scale*

55-Minute Sessions (In-Office & Telehealth)

Level 1*       $20.00                              

Level 2*       $30.00                

Level 3*       $40.00                   


Is an Intern the Right Therapist for Me?

  • Do you struggle with depression or anxiety?
  • Do you have goals that you have not been able to achieve due feeling overwhelmed by life demands?
  • Do you wish you could have healthier, stronger, and more meaningful relationships?
  • Do you want to take steps to improve your overall quality of life but are concerned about the cost of counseling and therapy?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, working with one of our counseling interns may be a great option for you. 

Benefits to Working with a Counseling Intern

Interns Are Up to Date on Latest Evidence-Based Theories & Techniques

Counseling interns are students currently in Counseling Master's degree program at an accredited university. Being a student in a Counseling Master’s degree program requires daily active academic, professional, and personal development. While in their programs, counseling interns are learning the latest evidence- based modalities to address diagnoses such as depression, anxiety and relational issues.

Interns are Supervised by a Licensed Provider

Counseling interns provide counseling and therapy services under the direction and supervision of our highly trained and experienced licensed providers who have completed all the training requirements necessary to become supervisors. Counseling interns additionally have a faculty field supervisor through the accredited university for their respective counseling program. Counseling interns review and consult with their supervisors on all their counseling cases. The fact that our counseling interns are supervised by our licensed providers helps ensure you receive high quality care. Additionally, if you decide to continue services with a new intern, or with another one of our providers, the supervising licensed provider will help coordinate your care for a smooth transition.

Interns are Committed to Investing Time & Energy into Your Counseling Process

Counseling interns have devoted at least a year or more into their Counseling Master's degree program and are eager to apply the theories and modalities for which they are continually strengthening their expertise to enhance your counseling experience. Although counseling interns are still completing their counseling program, they are active in the process of strengthening their skills, which are being graciously fine-tuned through direction from supervisors and faculty. Additionally, working with counseling interns can be a uniquely refreshing experience. Being new to the field, counseling interns are in a learning mindset and filled with optimistic energy.  

Interns Help Increase Access to Counseling & Therapy Services 

In support of our mission and vision, Achieve Counseling & Wellness is proud to offer high quality, low-cost counseling and therapy services with our supervised counseling interns. Services provided by our counseling interns assist us in our mission of increasing accessible and affordable counseling and therapy services for the individuals, couples, and families who live in our community. These services also support the development of Arizona's counseling workforce. Supporting the development of Arizona's counseling workforce helps to ensure there are enough qualified providers available to support the well-being of the people in our community, ultimately strengthening our community as a whole.